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Alternative Delivery & Risk

Francois Wasselin is a Senior Advisor to Keystone Global Strategies, LLC.  He is also the Senior Vice President at American Global, LLC and leads their Alternative Delivery Practice. In this role, Francois leads insurance placements for major projects and helps contractors develop risk management solutions. He also assists clients in evaluating their contractual risk exposure based on the project’s technical features and supports them in their risk allocation discussions internally and with owners, which is particularly key in alternative delivery projects such as design-build (DB), DBF with gap financing, DB with maintenance and public-private partnerships (P3s).


Francois has over 15 years of experience in the infrastructure development and financing industry. He was trained as a civil engineer and has held various roles from leading risk advisory and insurance brokerage teams, leading project investment teams, to executive leadership of infrastructure investments in US infrastructure projects. Prior to joining American Global, Francois was the SVP of Project Development at ACS Infrastructure Development, a subsidiary of the ACS Group, a $40B+ international contractor, where he led the development and management of ACS’s P3 pursuits in the U.S. Francois led all commercial negotiations and risk allocation discussions between the various parties on P3 projects. His main responsibilities included briefing the investment committee to obtain required approvals, from mobilizing resources (early project stage), to investing equity (financial close); managing a team of project managers who led multi-disciplinary teams of equity investors, contractors, designers and advisors; overseeing all technical studies, financial analysis and credit rating process, and; leading commercial negotiations interacting directly with senior public officials, construction industry executives, financiers/lenders, etc.


François has an in-depth knowledge of every single aspect of alternative delivery projects, from the nuts and bolts of how transactions are structured to high-level negotiations and winning strategies. During his career, Francois has worked on over 30 alternative delivery projects (DB, DBOM, DBF, P3s) totaling over $28B, including 10 up to commercial/financial close. He created value for public entities procuring these projects via efficient risk allocation and accelerated construction compared to traditionally-funded projects, as well as for the investors and contractors partnering on such projects. 

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