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Who We Are

Keystone Global is a boutique advisory firm providing institutional-level knowledge, expertise, and strategies for success.  Our mission is to be the preferred partner to clients, contractors, developers, and entrepreneurs in the infrastructure, AEC, and technology sectors. Our purpose is to pave the way for future generations by improving our field, allowing for increased connectivity and opportunity for growth.


Keystone is dedicated to providing long-lasting, innovative and sustainable solutions that surpass partners’ expectations while also improving our communities, empowering our employees and strengthening our brand through our collective success. 

Our History

In July of 2020, Star America Capital Consulting, LLC and Star America Capital Advisors, LLC rebranded as Keystone Global Strategies, LLC and KSG Advisors, LLC, respectively. While our name may have changed, we remain committed to our clients and maintain a team that has proven successful.

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