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Florence Elisabeth joins Keystone Global as Director

NEW YORK — June 27, 2024 — Keystone Global is pleased to announce that Florence Elisabeth has joined the firm as Director, located in Madrid, Spain, and will assist the firm’s project advisory and strategic development activities across Europe and Latin America.


Florence has extensive experience in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Before joining Keystone Global she served as the Head of the International Corporate Finance Department for Europe and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at FCC, an international firm focused on environmental, water and infrastructure services. In this position, she managed the firm’s €1B international bond portfolio optimizing bonding capacity and increasing limits in targeted markets to attend the Group’s pipeline in a context of financial restraints. She also worked for over 5 years for ACS group’s concession arm as Project Finance Manager. Overall, a deep understanding of both corporate and project finance uniquely qualifies Florence to assist construction companies and help Keystone with its international development.


Cristina Rives, Managing Director in Spain said “We are delighted to welcome Florence Elisabeth to our team. Her extensive experience and proven track record in the construction and infrastructure sectors will be invaluable as we continue to expand our presence in Europe and Latin America. Florence’s expertise in corporate and project finance will greatly enhance our capabilities and drive our growth in these key markets.”


Florence Elisabeth has added, “I am thrilled to join Keystone Global and look forward to leveraging my experience to contribute to the firm's growth and success in the European and Latin American markets. I am excited to work with such a talented team and help drive innovative solutions in the construction and infrastructure sectors.”


Please join us in welcoming Florence to the Keystone Global team.


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