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Cherian George speaks at the P3 Government Conference

Keystone Global's Senior Advisor Cherian George spoke at the P3 Government Conference, held on December 1-2, 2022 in Arlington, VA. Cherian participated in the discussion "Risk & Reward - Evaluating and Managing Project Size and Risks”.

About the P3 Conference:

"The P3 Government Conference is a part of P3C, which delivers some of the largest infrastructure focused events in the country and attracts owners, public works leaders, city managers, and industry and P3 development experts. Attendees also include federal administrators, regulators, lawmakers, and agency decision markers representing transportation, water, defense, housing, health, and social infrastructure across the country.

The three day conference offers a unique and valuable opportunity to network with potential partners in an information driven, networking focused environment. Many attending the conference are operators and project owners interested in better understanding project delivery options and exploring partnerships, and include: Public Agency Managers: Transportation Directors, Utility Operators, Resource Agency Managers, Works Directors, and other transportation, water, health, defense, and social agency administrators from Municipal, State and Federal offices.

Industry: Senior leaders, business development managers, and directors representing services providers; engineering, construction, and legal firms; infrastructure investment funds, financial and insurance companies, environmental consulting firms, and utilities. All attending will benefit from P3 education, learn new methods to address complex project delivery goals, find incredible networking opportunities, and meet with project owners and municipalities pursuing P3’s".


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